100,000 page views

I’m taking a one-day break from my usual posts on mathematics and mathematics education to note a symbolic milestone: meangreenmath.com has had more than 100,000 total page views since its inception in June 2013. Many thanks to the followers of this blog, and I hope that you’ll continue to find this blog to be a useful resource to you.

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Twenty most viewed posts or series (written by me):

  1. All I want to be is a high school teacher. Why do I have to take Real Analysis?
  2. Analog clocks
  3. Another poorly written word problem
  4. Arithmetic and geometric series
  5. Common Core, subtraction, and the open number line
  6. Exponential growth and decay
  7. Finger trick for multiplying by 9
  8. Full lesson plan: magic squares
  9. Full lesson plan: Platonic solids
  10. Fun with dimensional analysis
  11. Importance of the base case in a proof by induction
  12. Infraction
  13. Inverse Functions
  14. My “history” of solving cubic, quartic and quintic equations
  15. My Mathematical Magic Show
  16. Square roots and logarithms without a calculator
  17. Student misconceptions about PEMDAS
  18. Taylor series without calculus
  19. Was there a Pi Day on 3/14/1592?
  20. What Happens if the Explanatory and Response Variables Are Sorted Independently?


Twenty most viewed posts (guest presenters):

  1. Engaging students: Classifying polygons
  2. Engaging students: Congruence
  3. Engaging students: Deriving the distance formula
  4. Engaging students: Distinguishing between axioms, postulates, theorems, and corollaries
  5. Engaging students: Distinguishing between inductive and deductive reasoning
  6. Engaging students: Factoring quadratic polynomials
  7. Engaging students: Finding x- and y-intercepts
  8. Engaging students: Laws of Exponents
  9. Engaging students: Multiplying binomials
  10. Engaging students: Order of operations
  11. Engaging students: Pascal’s triangle
  12. Engaging students: Right-triangle trigonometry
  13. Engaging students: Solving linear systems of equations by either substitution or graphing
  14. Engaging students: Solving linear systems of equations with matrices
  15. Engaging students: Solving one-step and two-step inequalities
  16. Engaging students: Solving quadratic equations
  17. Engaging students: Square roots
  18. Engaging students: Translation, rotation, and reflection of figures
  19. Engaging students: Using right-triangle trigonometry
  20. Engaging students: Volume and surface area of pyramids and cones

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If I’m still here at that time, I’ll make a summary post like this again when this blog has over 200,000 page views.

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