Increasingly difficult integrals


Rings and polynomials


My Favorite One-Liners: Part 113

I tried a new wisecrack when teaching my students about Euler’s formula. It worked gloriously.


My Favorite One-Liners: Part 112

This was also the story of my childhood.


My Favorite One-Liners: Part 111

I tried a new wise-crack in class recently, and it was a rousing success. My math majors had trouble recalling basic facts about tests for convergent and divergent series, and so I projected onto the front screen the Official Repository of all Knowledge ( and searched for “divergent series” to “help” them recall their prior knowledge.

Worked like a charm.

How Mathematicians Tip

While funny, it’s usually courteous (at least in the United States) to tip a server more than 11.7% if given good service at restaurant.

How To Tell A Mathematician You Love Them

Courtesy Math With Bad Drawings:

I Have a Tan


Euler’s Equation

This was hands-down my favorite variant of the “distracted boyfriend” meme that went around the internet last year.

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Cheat Sheet

The news clip below shows why, when I allow my students to use a 3×5 card on an exam, I specify — “that’s in inches. It must be handwritten. And no magnifying glasses.”

Student Outwits Prof By Bringing 3×5 FOOT Cheat Sheet To Exam