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I’ve long since recognized that I do not possess a monopoly on excellent ideas for teaching. (Indeed, I gladly poach any good ideas that come my way.) For this reason, I have opened this blog to the students of Teach North Texas, UNT’s program for preparing secondary teachers of mathematics and science. My hope is that the excellent work of our students — possible including essays, full lesson plans, and videos — can be a valuable resource for the broad community of mathematics and science educators.

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To the students of Teach North Texas: You are welcome to submit their work for publication on this blog. This is your chance to publicize your work to your TNT peers, the Mentor Teachers who work with TNT, TNT alumni, and (basically) to the entire world. For example, you could submit:

  • A lesson plan (including all handouts and your reflections on the lesson plan) than you’ve written for STEP 2, Conceptual Algebra and Geometry, Classroom Interactions, Project-Based Instruction, or Apprentice Teaching.
  • An essay that you’ve written in MATH 2100, MATH 4050, or PHIL 2600.
  • A description of an experiment that you performed in Research Methods.

The above list is not meant to be exhaustive; other types of submissions are possible. Previous submissions by TNT students can be found at

Even though the blog is called, submissions are welcome from TNT science majors (and, of course, TNT math majors).

The contents of this blog are visible to the entire world. Therefore, only high-quality work of TNT students will be published. All submissions will be peer-reviewed, mirroring the process by which university faculty submit their own scholarly works for publication. Any student whose work has been selected for publication should be honored that the quality of their work has been recognized by their faculty and their peers.

To submit your work for publication, please fill out the MeanGreenMath Submission Form and e-mail the form and your submission to

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