Another poorly written word problem (Part 11)

Another bonehead word problem. Notice the word “her”. While Usain Bolt holds the current 100-meter world record of 9.58 seconds, the women’s world record is currently 10.49 seconds.


3 thoughts on “Another poorly written word problem (Part 11)

  1. I enjoy reading your posts about how to engage students in common mathematical topics. However, I find it horrifying that you take it upon yourself to deem this problem as “poorly written” simply because a female has yet to run a 10 meter dash as quickly as the problem states. Running a 10 second 10 meter dash is not an impossibility. Teachers should believe in ALL students, not just the male students. By stating that this problem is poorly written, you are (without realizing it) demonstrating a lack of belief in female athletes and by default all women. If the idea that men are greater than women is a personal opinion of yours, so be it. However, I encourage you to (a) open your mind and (b) keep your math blog focused on strictly math.

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